We create lasting solutions. Bespoke solutions that fit your organization and will help you deliver optimal performance.

The United Consulting GmbH is a team of experts with a long project history in consulting. Our experts have a strong scientific background and the necessary analytical, mathematical and technical skills they need for our mission: successfull, in-time completion of your projects.

We provide services to banks, asset managers, corporates and insurers. UCG covers the whole project scope from business analysis, conception, design to implementation, testing and delivery of software running in production. With our deep understanding of financial and statistical modelling and insight into digital processes we aid our clients in strategic decision making.

Business Analysis

For the Financial Industry

As business analysts we understand your subject specific matters. In our experience project drivers are front-office trading, regulatory requirements, banking functions such as treasury, back-office processes and strategic objectives. We are familiar with mathematical and modelling approaches for valuation, risk calculation, portfolio optimization, and valuation adjustements. Always keeping an eye on the feasible implementation, we will find a solution based on your existing tools and systems environment.

Project Management

International complex projects

With a proven track record managing international projects involving disparate parties we will keep your project on track. While applying modern project management techniques our secret is to create an environment that fosters coopreration. We have hands on experience in a management style which combines oversight with a rigorous concern for details.

Software Implementation

Customized lasting solutions

We create bespoke solutions and choose vendors and software for your needs. Our experts execute the whole process from RfI, RfP to rollout and implementing the vendor's system on site. We cut down deployment times by using modern software architecture in combination with a test-driven approach. Do you need to know quickly how feasible your envisioned solution is? Rapid prototyping is one of our specialties.

Management Team

We believe in close partnership with our clients. Collaboration and trust are the basis to apply our knowlege and drive for the success of your project.